Alice Wilson

TEDxAberystwyth 2020 speaker

Alice is a PhD candidate at the University of York and studies an examination of tiny housing as a unique and emerging sector within self-build projects.

She went to University as a mature student after having spent some time living in Barcelona and Korinthos, working as a science teacher and a farmer respectively. She chose an undergraduate joint honours degree in anthropology and sociology, so that she could incorporate both evolutionary and biological sciences with social theory, and because it was the only degree that brought her one step closer to achieving her dream profession of being Indiana Jones!

After a short break from education she won an ESRC 1+3 scholarship to complete a PhD on the potential that Tiny Houses have to address inter-generational justice issues, whilst moving us closer to achieving our environmental justice goals as a country and as a planet.

Alice will join us at TEDxAberystwyth to talk about Tiny Houses in the UK and lessons she learnt from building her own Tiny House. Fine out more in the announcement video below and on .

TEDxAberystwyth 2020 speaker announcement – Alice Wilson
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