Our previous event was in November 2018 with the theme “The Human Condition”. Videos are available below and on our YouTube. View the event on the official TED website.

Space Weather and Coronal Mass Ejection | Marie Goreman
Drones gathering spatial intelligence for malaria elimination | Andy Hardy
Why people like horror | Nia Edwards-Behi
Seeing colour through animal eyes | Roger Santer
Making medicines safer for all of us | David Healy
The study of International Politics as a legacy of the Great War | Jan Ruzicka
Changing the way the think about trees | Ru Hartwell
How the Victorians invented the future for us | Iwan Morus
Writing biography and walking in other people’s shoes | Jasmine Donahaye

The Humans of Aberystwyth | Catherine Elan Taylor
Building sites without patriarchal capitalism | Emma Appleton
The Starlings of Aberystwyth | Keith Morris
Adventures in Maternal Ambivalence |
Hannah Engelkamp
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