Our most recent event in December 2021 was themed “Ideas from outside your bubble”. Videos are available below and on our YouTube channel. For more information on speakers go to 2021 speakers. View the event on the official TED website.

Dismantling the way we think about climate change | Jessica Kleczka
Teaching phonic reading | Rob Randel
What can we learn about food security from WWII |
Siân Nicholas
What I learned about prostate cancer | Andrew Gabriel
Tide as part of the energy mix |
Danny Coles
Young people and B-Corporations | Andy Middleton
Suck. Or blow. (Transport in tunnels) |
Roger Boyle
Making stuff happen in a small town | Kerry Ferguson
AI: the last 40 years and the next 40 years |
Myra Wilson
Girls in Computing | Hannah Dee
Education Governance and the Overton window |
Terry Mackie
Open source hardware | Richard Bowman

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