Our most recent event in October 2019 was themed “Escaping from a black hole”. Videos are available below and on our YouTube channel. For more information on speakers go to 2019 speakers. View the event on the official TED website.

The devastating impact of light pollution | Alyn Wallace
Bitcoin: the Good and the Bad | Michel Rauchs
Introducing children to technology by building robots | Stephen Fearn
Solving the missing map problem with OpenStreetMap | Rupert Allan
Encouraging biodiversity with marine infrastructure | Pippa Moore
Why does everyone hate Millennials? | Callum Woodcock
The Redundancy Vaccine | Carolyn Parry
Sepsis – the hidden killer | Paul Morgan
DIY solar aircraft | Phil Charlesworth
Why Africa needs more eggs? | Julian Madeley
600 lifts around Europe | Ieva Krištopāne
Facebook, the media and democracy | Leighton Andrews
Homes to Carbon Zero – Passivhaus | David Stones
Giving GPs the gift of time | Samantha Horwill
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