Robbie Phillips

TEDxAberystwyth 2020 speaker

Robbie is an Edinburgh based climber and coach. He began his career as a member of the GB competition team, but is better known for his cutting edge ascents on alpine rock, which include becoming the first Briton to climb the infamous ‘Alpine Trilogy’ – Silbergeier 8b+, Des Kaisers neue Kleider 8b+ and End of Silence 8b+.

Climbing came naturally, he never had to look for inspiration or motivation; it was always there! After discovering a passion for this totally ridiculous and apparent nonsensical activity, every moment has been spent thinking, breathing and dreaming climbing! Climbing fulfilled all of Robbie’s dreams: he wanted to travel, see the world, walk a path less trodden and challenge himself not to be bound by the constraints of ordinary life, but to be able to take on any obstacle that was set out in front of him.

The psychology of climbing is what really fascinates him though, the fact that performance is not just down to how hard you can pull but more so the ability to control your mind. But it’s not blind faith that gets you safely from move to move; it is confidence built by the experience of putting yourself out there every single day. He will talk at TEDxAberystwyth about the peace that climbing brings him and how it can be a practice of mindfulness.

You can see some of Robbie’s adventures on his YouTube:

Robbie Phillips YT video
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