Debbie Nash

TEDxAberystwyth 2020 speaker

Debbie is joining TEDxAberystwyth as a speaker and will talk about the use of animals in science and research, which is a controversial topic. However, there is a scope to reduce, refine or replace the use of live animals by using laboratory models instead, which Debbie will present on an example of horses.

Dr Debbie Nash is a Senior Lecturer in Equine and Animal Science at Aberystwyth University. Her research developed models to enhance the study of the causes of infertility in mares, and she is also studying reproductive physiology, specifically uterine inflammatory disease of horses and cattle, and native pony population genetics. She is an active member of the British Society for Animal Science Programme Committee, and the founder, organiser and chair of the Colloquium for Equine Reproduction.

Speaker announcement for TEDxAberystwyth 2020 – Dr Debbie Nash
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