Panna Karlinger

Born and raised in Hungary, Panna Karlinger moved to Aberystwyth in September 2016 to pursue her first degree in Mathematics and Education from which she graduated in 2019. She then moved straight to her PhD studies focusing on cyberbullying and online abuse in Higher Education, and its relation to the Dark Tetrad and Big Five personality traits.

She started her Higher Education teaching career in 2018, first in the Further Mathematics Support Programme for Wales, then began to teach in the Mathematics, Lifelong Learning and Education Departments from 2019 onwards. She has been working as a full-time lecturer in Education and Childhood since September 2021 while continuing to work on her doctoral research.

Since 2017, Panna has been volunteering for Home-Start UK, first supporting vulnerable families in the area, and now as the university link tutor, recruiting volunteers for the charity. These experiences were formative in determining her primary research area focussing on bullying and abuse, and she is hoping to take this further in the direction of domestic abuse and violence in the future to inform policy and debate in the area.

In her talk, Panna will explain how there are many misconceptions around cyberbullying, with some questioning if it is a real phenomenon to begin with, brushing it off with a ‘why don’t you just block them?’. There is a lack of awareness of the various types of cyberbullying and how they may manifest, which means it often gets overlooked, particularly in settings like Higher Education institutions, especially when looking at staff victimisation. This talk aims to consider this often-forgotten side of the classroom, challenging universities to implement policies to better support teaching staff.

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