Peter Gwyn Williams

Peter has spent over 20 years working on key Digital delivery and awareness-raising projects in Wales, often playing a hands-on role in explaining the benefits to organisations, businesses and stakeholders.

In 2013, Peter moved to the Digital Infrastructure Department within the Welsh Government, supporting and leading Digital Infrastructure Developments in the Local Growth and Enterprise Zones, these include the Superfast Cymru Programme, Mobile Infrastructure Project, village and town WiFi Projects, and more recently has led or initiated LoRaWAN pilots and trials.

A fluent Welsh speaker originally from North Wales, and a former farmworker during his teenage years, Peter is convinced some of the best ideas for LoRaWAN will come from farmers, referencing Frank Rennie’s book – 101 uses for Baler Twine

From Defibrillators to Mouse Traps – Peter will be discussing the emergence of low powered and long-range wide area networks, and the role they are playing in enabling the smart revolution in rural areas. The talk will also include a demonstration of an LoRaWAN enabled mouse trap. Join us on the 3rd December 2022 in Aberystwyth Arts Centre to find out more!

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